During a new recording, the phone searches for the girth but doesn’t connect.

Turn Bluetooth off and on again. Check that the box is properly charged.

Can I use my girth if I don't have a network or 3G/4G access ?

An internet connection is required to create an account and pair it with a girth. iPulse® then works using a Bluetooth system, which does not require any 3G, 4G or cellular network connection. The girth can therefore be used in any environment.

Do I need to keep my phone close to the girth in order to maintain the connection?

No, the iPulse girth is autonomous. You can use it offline and reconnect at the end of the session via Bluetooth to retrieve the data. However, to use the live feed, you need to be close to the girth.


How do I know the battery level of my girth?

In the menu, click on “girth”. A list of girths appears. Make sure your girth is within reach. Click on your girth, wait a few moments and the battery level appears.


Is the information secure?

The girth can only be accessed using a unique secure personal code, so the system is completely secure. The first time you use it, you connect using a “factory” code: 0000. You can then modify and customise it in the girth tab, by clicking on your girth and then on the password.

Is the iPulse only useful for riders looking for performance?

The iPulse is a tool that will be useful in the quest for performance. Beyond that, measuring the horse’s heart rate will allow you to get to know your horse better and train it more accurately while respecting its physical integrity.